Stuck inside with a story to share? … Start writing.

We’ve been spending a lot more time at home, so why not jot down a few of your life’s adventures. Perhaps its for nostalgic reasons, to reminisce, or share with close friends.

Whatever the case, below we’ve listed some prompts to consider – to get those creative neurons buzzing. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the thoughts come flooding in.

So ride your inspirational wave while the juices flow.

A pivotal moment

Can you recall a pivotal moment or significant event in your life? This might be a great starting point, to kick off a train of ideas. Were you ever in great danger, or at great risk? Was there a devastating loss or incident? Or something that took you way beyond your wildest expectations? Was there a moment when the course of your life changed?

Timely advice

What is some of the best advice given to you? Perhaps it was something invaluable in the moment and resurfaced again later in your life. Who gave this advice to you and what were your memories at that time? What you were doing when you received it.


What were some of your favourite activities as child? How did you spend your time? Was there a certain room in your house that was special? Perhaps cooking in the kitchen with your parents, or playing with toys or siblings in your room. Explain the scene in details – the character of the people, your surroundings, what were you doing? What were your thoughts?


We often collect souvenirs throughout our lives. In our travels or daily lives. Can you think of your most precious possession? Perhaps the pen of a loved one, or a figurine or inheritance from a beloved grandparent. Describe this object that has special significance for you. What is it and how does it look? How did it come to be in your possession? What is its meaning?

Achieving Goals

Consider some of the goals you’ve achieved. How did you go about bringing them to reality? Were there set-backs, moments of doubt or confusion? How did you feel once you achieved your goal and did it lead to anything else? Goals could relate to academic achievement, personal growth, occupation, traveling, or adventurous activities.


Most of us spend a lot of our lives at work. Think about your occupation, the things you have achieved and its challenges. Do you have any interesting stories? A particularly challenging project, a change in career, relationships built with your coworkers. A great success (or failure).

An influential person

Did you have a favourite person in your life – someone you admired? A mentor perhaps. What were they like? Can you remember any specific conversations? What was their impact on your life?

A final word

Whatever your goals in writing may be, it may be a good idea to make a start first, and figure out the finer details as you go.

What is a thought? It is the tiniest seed, with the potential to grow! Here lies a way to break inertia . . . start first, plan later.

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