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News World L v2 600x427Many of us put pen to paper after a life-changing event. Something important has happened, delighted us, upset or astonished us, or enchanted us. It might have been traumatic or uplifting. The reason does not matter. But this is exactly the motivation we need to write. These turning points or moments of inspiration will form the cornerstones of our story. Tiny instances when ‘the penny drops’ and we understand life better.

Just one of these flashes of insight might become our theme. And we may not be fully aware of this until later – the main thing is that it has propelled us onto the page.

You are in the writing mode. So get it down while you are on a roll. Forget the grammar and spelling for now. Just begin. Draft some content. Fine-tune and edit later – perhaps making use of publishing professionals at LifeStory Writing.

I just love seeing your insightful and passionate stories come to life. You may want some coaching or mentoring or editing help along the way. Some hints and ideas to try. I will be delighted to share your journey into life story, and help guide you.

Documenting a life has a wonderful way of putting things in perspective. A path often appears to self-discovery. You may inspire and help others to grow. Likely, you will connect more closely with family. Leave a legacy. Your writing project may be a creative pursuit in itself, or a simple memoir to document a recent holiday.

Most of us want to leave something behind. Some information or knowledge that wouldn’t have come into being (or would cease to exist). We want our lives to have some meaning and not simply disappear into the dust. To leave behind a gift or an idea that in some small way, will leave the world a better place.

You don’t have to be famous to write your memoir or autobiography – many of the most entertaining and inspirational stories come from ordinary people.

It is a challenge. Fun and fulfilling. It’s one journey you won’t want to miss.

It may even be another one of those marvelous turning points in your life. I trust you enjoy this new chapter.

Mark Koehler
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