Life is a Story [Hardcover]

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Life is a Story is a comprehensive resource for life writing. The Hardcover edition provides valuable tips on interviewing, and countless memory joggers. It looks at ethics and writing trends. While illustrating the use of literary devices to improve writing, this valuable resource explores the use of creative non-fiction methods. A fun and informative read.



Life is a Story: How to Write Your Memoir

Author: Mark Koehler

Price: Hardcover $31.55

Edition: Paperback 252 pages

Dimensions: 159w x 242h x 31d mm (6”x9”)

Published: Jan 2018

Publisher: Life Story Writing




Table of Contents

Memoir help

Other books by the same author

Foreword – About this book

1 The girl in the chair

2 The steps

3 Motivations

4 Audience

5 Self-belief

6 The basics

7 Word processing

8 When and where

9 Procrastination

10 Themes

11 Timeline

12 Biography

13 Autobiography and memoir

14 Travel memoir

15 Chronology

16 Memory

17 Artistic licence

18 Writer’s notebook

19 Research

20 Lists

21 Interviewing

22 Roadmap

23 Life stages

24 Title

25 Voice and style

26 Characters

27 Point of view

28 Tense

29 Beginning

30 Turning points

31 Dark days

32 Bringing it to life

33 Ending

34 Overcoming writer’s block

35 Improving your writing

36 Setting the scene

37 Using all the senses

38 Dialogue

39 What not to include

40 Words to avoid

41 Embarrassing truths

42 Sex

43 Love letters

44 Humour

45 Editing and rewriting

46 Final draft

47 Photography

48 Design and layout

49 Publishing

50 A final word



References and further reading



About the author

Mark Koehler is a writer, editor, and life story coach. He helps people write their memoirs, and believes that through memoir writing, we find out about ourselves, through the magic of self-discovery and sharing a legacy.

He founded LifeStory Writing in 2016, conducts seminars and workshops, and provides mentoring and support for anyone wanting to write a memoir, autobiography or biography. This book is part of the larger project,

He studied journalism at the University of Canberra and graduated in Professional Writing in 1991.

For twenty years he worked as a fulltime journalist, photographer, writer and editor. He has written in most genres, published thousands of images, articles, and stories for newspapers and online.

He loves teaching, editing, and coaxing the best out of his clients. His other life passions include book design, photography, and tennis.

LifeStoryWriting was set up specifically to assist people with their life story project.

Life is a Story: How to Write Your Memoir is his sixth book, and will enlarge upon this work.

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