Ghostwriting is when we do the writing for you.

During interviews we’ll discuss important events in your life, your memories, ideas and anecdotes. We’ll provide you with edited transcripts, do the writing and editing, and give you a draft for your comments. We follow this up with more discussion and collaborate with you throughout the project.

We undergo a second substantive edit – again seeking your feedback.

We’ll be in regular contact over several months as we produce a story worthy of publication, which will become an important legacy for those yet to come.

There are lots of variables in creating a life story and it is a ‘custom-fit’ product, so we would love to chat with you more about what you want.

To give you an idea of charges, here are three examples of memoirs of different lengths, and some average costs for getting your story to a second draft stage:

  • SHORT MEMOIR – Say 15,000 words; will often average around $12,000.
  • MEDIUM-LENGTH MEMOIR – A ghostwritten life story of around 25,000 words usually starts at around $19,000.
  • LONGER MEMOIR – Longer memoirs are upwards from 35,000 words with charges starting at around $25,000.

You may want to book in for a phone Consultation to discuss details and raise any questions you have (there is no time limit). The cost is only $59.

If you decide against ghostwriting, and to write it yourself, you should have a look at our professional editing and mentoring services (see ‘Services’).

After your story is ready, we’ll talk about publishing and what formats you are interested in (book, eBook, PDF, audio-book).

Additional charges are applicable for services relating to:

  • Photo preparation (and Photoshopping)
  • Copy editing (prior to publication)
  • Cover design
  • Book layout
  • Book design and publication management
  • Book printing

We’ll suggest how you can self-publish; or we can even look after the graphic design, printing and publishing for you if you choose. We can also help with an ISBN, and placing your book with the National Library of Australia.

Please let us know what suits you best? Email us by clicking on the CONTACT button :


Here is a short Questionnaire to send so we can better understand your needs.