Ghostwriting is when we do the writing for you.

We will chat at length to discover what you want to achieve and what is important for your life story. Through a series of interviews we’ll explore events, memories, and anecdotes. We’ll do the writing and provide you with drafts for you to comment on. Your feedback is of the utmost importance throughout the project.

After interviews and the first draft, we undergo a second substantive edit – again seeking your ideas because collaboration is crucial.

Next is a review edit and once again we’ll be in regular contact over several months as we produce a story worthy of publication, and an important legacy for those yet to come.

Working as a team, we’ll create a ‘custom-fit’ life story. So please tell us more about what you want.

Charges to write a memoir vary of course, like the costs to build a house. How big will it be?

But to give you an approximate idea of charges, here are a couple of examples of average costs for getting your story to a third draft stage:

  • SHORTER MEMOIR – Averages around $12,000 – $18,000.
  • LONGER MEMOIR – Charges for longer memoirs often start around $21,000.

We can also help you with publishing later on.

You may want to arrange a Consultation to discuss details and raise any questions you have.


Here is a short Questionnaire to send so we can better understand your needs.