Personal testimonials

Thank you so much for making this book of mine possible. – Narda (Melbourne)

Thanks a million Mark, for all the assistance you gave me . . . this was seven years in the making and without your valuable and much appreciated input it might have remained a manuscript forever. So thanks again Mark – now I feel quite proud of myself, being able to leave my children and grandchildren something much more tangible than a cemetery plot, my life story, a real legacy. Whenever they’re lonely or in need of my company, I’ll be in spirit right there, inside that legacy. – Erich M. (Bargo, NSW).

You are the best thank you for your understanding! And for your support and inspiration. I am very excited about doing this for my family. I loved speaking with you and appreciate the comments and the encouragement! Thanks for [the interviews] – I feel like you are my psychologist! And thank you for your support Mark as it means a lot to have you at the other end pushing  me on! (Mornington Peninsula).

I have enjoyed casting my mind back, even in my forgetfulness, and thinking about my nursing, my garden, my travel and all our enjoyable times . . . It makes me so happy to think that we’ve been able to relate my life story to my wonderful family. Thank you for my wonderful book.  – Anne E. (Canberra).

“Thank you Mark for your quick response and positive comments, much appreciated – you make an excellent mentor.” – Shirley G. (Condell Park, Sydney).

“I appreciate your encouragement and your thoughts on just getting something down on paper. It has been quite an epiphany for me to be honest. The discipline is one thing which I need to master (and) when I set myself the time, I can’t believe how much I cover. It’s as if I can’t stop writing when I start and I am having an absolutely delightful time going back to those places and getting it all out of my head and into written form. . . I want to say thanks so much for your edits, the time spent and the lovely warm tone in which you delivered all the information . . . You have shown me the importance of consulting and sharing information with others who have demonstrated skills and experience. There is so much to learn in life I think! I have gained much from you already. Thanks again.” – Ros L. (Melbourne).

“I knew from the moment we first spoke, you were what my story needed. I want to leave something for my family and want it to be as good as it can be.” – Joe L. (Perth).

“I checked the excellent work that you did. You confirmed to me that you’re a genius editor man! . . . It wasn’t easy at all, but despite that, you were able to get it done in the end. . . Once again thank you for your extraordinary help.” – Deng A. (author of The Man from South Sudan).

“I really appreciate the ongoing coaching from LifeStory Writing . . . has helped to open up a world of ideas and memories I’d somehow forgotten.” – Cedrick B. (Brisbane).

“. . . thanks so much Mark for all your help. The chapters are mounting and the book is coming together beautifully. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your guidance and editing.” – Joan L. (Southern Highlands NSW).

Corporate testimonials

“You have made a terrific contribution to our reports . . . Your work is first class and just the sort of editorial contribution that we need.” – Ombudsman, Commonwealth Ombudsman, Canberra.

“You should be really proud of that Mark. You’ve done an excellent job (on the book, Majura Parkway – Gateway to a Capital).” – Project Manager, ACT Government.

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