Make use of your professional editor now, to help you develop your story to its absolute best.

It’s a substantive edit, which looks at the bigger picture in organising your story. It looks at the logic in the narrative as well as sentence structure and grammar.

To help you with the style and flow of your story. And to consult with you about tone, sequencing, and how to ‘find your voice’.

Together we’ll lift the impact and readability of the story to a level ready for publication.

And of course there is the usual strict author privacy assurance that all our clients enjoy.
Substantive editing is great value; the charge is $88/thousand words (incudes GST).

To send in a manuscript simply send an email to the below address (Remember to attach your document!)

Email: mark.koehler@lifestorywriting.com.au

If you have any questions please send a query: