Sex In My Memoir


Sex in my memoir looks at how sex and relationships should be included in memoir. The booklet discusses the tricky topic of speaking from the heart whilst being mindful of audience sensitivities. It looks at language, humour, self-revelation, and anonymity.



Sex in my memoir looks at sex and relationships in memoir. The booklet discusses how to include these tricky topics in life stories, the subtleties (or not-so-subtle) of self-revelation, speaking from the heart and being mindful of other’s sensitivities. It examines language, legal implications, and uses many examples to illustrate how your narrative might include such information.

In a considerate and sensible way, it examines infidelity, honesty, discretion, humour, audience. It looks at the use of explicit language, anonymity, and the copyright of love letters.

Love relationships are an intriguing part of life. These issues are intrinsic and great motivators in our lives and it is important to consider carefully how we can best treat these sensitive topics in our memoir.


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