‘The purpose of the Life Story Writing project is to help people write their memoir. To create what may be their greatest gift. In so doing they are able to leave a valuable legacy.’ – Mark Koehler (founder Life Story Writing)

Hello and welcome to LifeStory Writing!

It’s not just a story. You are opening up and giving of yourself. So it’s not about ego, but rather, making a valuable contribution the world, to family. Through memoir you create a legacy. Why should we return to dust and leave nothing of ourselves behind? In the process you are likely to find out about yourself – because it is self-discovery.

You may want to use a professional editor or writing coach to help bring your story to life; or even a ghostwriter to write your story for you.

However you approach it, I want to inspire you to put words onto the page. I trust your writing project will be a high point in your life.

“I appreciate your encouragement and your thoughts on just getting something down on paper. It has been quite an epiphany for me to be honest . . . I am having an absolutely delightful time going back to those places and getting it all out of my head and into written form. . . I want to say thanks so much for your edits, the time spent and the lovely warm tone in which you delivered all the information . . . You have shown me the importance of consulting and sharing information with others who have demonstrated skills and experience. There is so much to learn in life I think! I have gained much from you already. Thanks again.” – Ros L. (Melbourne).

“I knew from the moment we first spoke, you were what my story needed.
I want to leave something for my family and want it to be as good as it can be.” – Joe L. (Perth).

“Thank you for my book Mark. It was fun. I enjoyed the interviews and looking back on fond memories and I’m so proud of the final result . . .
It makes me so happy to think that we’ve been able to relate some of my life story to my wonderful family.” – Anne E. (Canberra).


Based in Australia, we can help you with writing, editing, mentoring, as well as photography, graphic design, publication and printing.
If you have any questions or need more information please contact me at LifeStory Writing any time.

Simple stories well told
Writing your life story is a wonderfully rewarding experience. You don’t need to be famous.
I think there is magic in simple stories from everyday people, well told.
It’s a fascinating quest yet it can be frustrating, and indeed life-changing.
When they come from the heart, great stories emerge.
And I must say that my contact with people in helping them with their life story is an absolute joy; whether it be through mentoring or editing or conducting seminars.

I wish you well in your endeavour and look forward to your contact.
Please make use of any ideas and information here that spark your imagination.

Mark Koehler, founder LifeStory Writing
BA Professional Writing
Member Australian Society of Authors
Member Life Stories Australia


LifeStory Writing reserves a portion of writing and editing charges to make regular donations to:

  • Arthritis Australia
  • Vision Australia
    These two organisations do a wonderful job in helping many thousands of people (particularly older Australians).

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