The LifeStory Writing Memoir Kit

Ever wondered about living longer? Extending your life? How about to 500 years or more? Some joker once said, ‘My main goal in life is to be immortal – so far so good.’ Or at least he’ll die trying. (I joke). But seriously, how can we extend our life? How can we live longer and leave our mark on the world.

After several years of research, I have in part, figured out a solution to this question. Here is what to do; and the steps to take. We’re talking about leaving a legacy, and the best way is to start your memoir.

The question that pops up most often from my clients is, ‘How do I begin?’ Admittedly, it can be a bit overwhelming. A lot has happened on your life journey. Good times and bad, triumphs and disasters, great love and great loss. Yet somehow, we’ll need to put pen to paper or fingers to a keyboard. Finding your way through this mental jungle can be confusing and there are many valid paths to take.

The Memoir Kit is a bundle of five ‘getting started’ products from LifeStory Writing, with each item discounted by 25%. Great value to help you make a start on your story.

The five components of the Memoir Kit are:

  • The ‘How to start’ BOOKLET
  • The Memoir Kit WORKBOOK
  • The book, ‘Life is a Story – How to write your memoir’
  • A consultation with Mark Koehler
  • A substantive edit on 1,000 words as feedback.

You can find the Memoir kit here

Welcome to one of the most satisfying projects in your life.

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