Art of Ageing – Julie Slavin

Photographer, painter and alternative life-styler Julie Slavin has been involved in the art scene for many years from Sydney to San Francisco and back to the bush in regional New South Wales.

Julie Slavin with a selection of photos for the ‘Art of Ageing’ exhibition, promoting the value of older Australians.

She works for the Manning River Regional Art Gallery and is an erstwhile press photographer.

A number of her insightful images were selected for the ‘Art of Ageing’ exhibition currently touring NSW (in 2018-19), which is sponsored by the NSW Department of Community Services.

She is one of only five photographers represented in this photographic exhibition that celebrates the value and contribution older people bring to very thread our society. Its purpose is to combat age discrimination; and it challenges out-dated perceptions of ageing. Her images show the energy and enthusiasm her subjects have for life – a wonderful antidote to negative perceptions of ageing and older people, while inspiring a positive vision of growing older.

‘Billiard Betty’ says she is ‘Fit as a fiddle . . . I love my life and enjoy every day.
I am so grateful for everything.’ Photo: Julie Slavin
‘Doreen’ teaches seniors the benefits of movement and exercise, and regards her latter years as ‘grandly mature’. Photo: Julie Slavin
‘Peter the clock-maker’ by Julie Slavin. Peter specialises in antique watch and clock repairs; and involves himself in cutting and polishing stones and silver-smithing.
‘Rita’ by Julie Slavin. Rita, a long-time secretary, loves her life of golf, line-dancing, ukelele-playing and singing. She published her autobiography in 2011.