Gill Hicks “our legacy is everything”

Australian Gill Hicks was the last living victim rescued from the July 2005 London bombings. Both her legs had to be amputated below the knee, and her injuries were so severe she wasn’t expected to live.

On a recent ABC ‘One-plus-one’ interview, Jane Hutcheon asked this question: “After everything you have been through Gill, what’s life about?”

Hicks answered: “Building a legacy, because if you build a legacy, then you never die.

As we write our memoir we cannot escape this invisible pull to leave something of value to others; to create a legacy.

For Gill Hicks, perhaps that the old parable of ‘Footprints in the sand’ has attained some significance, and this is reflected in her thoughts on the subject a little later in the ABC One-plus-one interview: She says, “Footprints have really effected me. And it effected me when I first came back to Australia. I stood on the ground and I realised I would never feel the soil again. So I started to think a lot about, ‘What does a footprint mean? And how can I create something that is a different impression?’ And so I then understood that actually our legacy is everything. It’s what helps us continue.’

As part of her legacy, Gill works as a curator, publisher and motivational speaker. She continues to inspire others with messages on overcoming difficulty and promoting peace.

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