Verbs are life-giving

Verbs are life-giving!
We want our writing to sparkle. So give it some life with verbs. Too often writing descends into boredom. It’s passive and ho-hum. The answer? Great verbs. Verbs are action words, doing words. Verbs like . . .

accept confirm elevate illustrate oppose restore
accommodate confront eliminate imitate participate reveal
achieve consider embody imitate perceive settle
adapt console embrace imitate persevere share
adopt contemplate emerge immerse ponder signify
affect contrast emit imply portray simulate
affirm contribute encounter impose prevent solve
alter control enlighten impress prohibit stimulate
anticipate convince enrich incorporate project strengthen
arouse covet evoke indicate promote  surpass
attain declare evolve interpret provoke  sustain
attempt defend exceed intervene question  sustain
benefit demonstrate exclude introduce reach  symbolise
bring depict explain justify reconcile  transcend
cease desire explore launch reflect  transform
challenge design express maintain reinforce  transmit
claim discard find modify render  undermine
clarify disclose focus motivate replace  unify
compel displace highlight oblige resist  unite
condemn distinguish illuminate obtain resolve  verify