The Man From South Sudan

Migrating to a new country often sparks the desire to document this life-changing transition. This massive shift in one’s life is a common theme in memoir and it is sharing the experience and coming to terms with a new culture and new opportunities.

In early 2017, I had the good fortune to work on an autobiography from a man who made the transition from war-torn South Sudan to Australia.
The book was called The Man From South Sudan by Deng Atak Ken. It was a story of struggle – with corrupt officials, vindictive law enforcement, embassy red tape, religious persecution, financial hardship, language barriers and political unrest. He witnessed child abduction and other crimes of violence. Yet his resilience and determination shine through and, finally, his exhilaration on reaching the shores of Australia. He uses words like rich, mighty, prestigious and incredible to describe his newly-adopted country. It highlights the strength of the human spirit, with themes of determination in the face of setbacks and deliverance from adversity.