Life is a Story

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Reader reviews:
“You have provided an invaluable ‘HOW-TO BOOK” where your passion and motivation shines through. I have found your book totally inspiring  just by only reading the first 30-40 pages, so thank you again.” (Melbourne)

“I have read your book a second time and have found much important advice. It is invaluable. I wouldn’t have felt confident about writing my life story without it. Thank you.” (Gordon, Sydney)

Life Is A Story

Quotes from the book:
It’s not about ego, but rather, making a valuable contribution to the world in the form of a legacy. (p.1)

Death is not about dying. It is about living. (p.3)

We make our own acquaintance. We were always there; it’s just that new light has been shed. (p.4)

I believe we want to make a connection and a contribution to the world. To leave a legacy. (p.9)

Your life is now your story, and it is your greatest gift. (p.13)

There are two primary motivators for memoir writing: to grow, and to give . . . These two enrich our lives. (p.21)

Fragments of our life take on an inter-relatedness that was not previously apparent. We begin to make sense of ourselves and the world around us. (p.23)

Looking back to understand a life is often a healing or cathartic process. Past events take on a new perspective and no longer have the hold on us they once did. (p.25)

Even a humble everyday existence can provide plenty of scope for a captivating story. Think of the old man in The Old Man and the Sea. He was an ordinary fisherman. (p.34)

You don’t need to be famous to write a good story. It’s not notoriety or death or name-dropping the reader is looking for, but the juice of life. (p.35)

In helping people write their stories I’ve found that the average person can be quite extraordinary. (p.35)

You’ll need energy, but where does it come from? Where is its wellspring? . . . better if it arises out of passion . . . Properly applied, passion is the perfect antidote to perfectionism and procrastination. It works brilliantly. (p.61)

Give your memoir a heartbeat. (p.169)

Relax, follow your intuition and imagination and let it flow. It is the whole key to life. Tell your truth and you will find out who you are . . . We hope that we’ll have something to show for our time on the planet. That we leave the world a richer place by leaving a little bit of ourselves . . .

Now is the time to seize this opportunity – we may not get to a second edition. (p.319)

How lucky we are to have life. This life that is a story. Let us write it while the going is good. (p.320)