An English Rose: Anne’s Story

An English Rose Anne’s StoryI had the privilege to help a lady called Anne write her memoir. She has a diagnosis of dementia, so while a pity we hadn’t started earlier, it was certainly better late than never and very satisfying. We used photos as memory-joggers, both old and more recent. Anne is a special person, and because of her memory loss, the irony and reward is that she can now read her memoir over and again, without becoming bored.
She talks about her recollection of events:

I have enjoyed casting my mind back, even in my forgetfulness, and thinking about my nursing, my garden, my travel and all our enjoyable times. Spending special moments with friends and family and people has given me many highlights in my life.
It makes me so happy to think that we’ve been able to relate some of my life story to my wonderful family. I just want you to know that down through the years you have my love always.

Another one of my favourite quotes from her is when she met the man she would marry. First meetings are always intriguing:

A young man came into the Emergency Department . . . I happened to be working night duty, and we talked late into the night . . . So our first meetings were whispers . . . I fell in love with him and that was it.